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What is the Split Screen trend?

Split screen design trend is one of the modern trends in web design. It displays two or more vertical panels directly adjacent to one another on the desktop. On smaller screens, split screen will stack one on top of the other in a vertical fashion.

When would you use it?

Split-screen is especially helpful when two or more things need to be promoted. This design technique allows designers to give prominence to both elements, while allowing the user to choose between them quickly. Additionally, it’s a great option when you want to create a bigger focal point for calls to action.

To improve information visibility in split screens, designers use a striking image or a call-to-action element to draw user’s attention, pair vibrant colors that are visually stimulating with dramatic typography that enhances the text content and use animations to encourage users to act and spend more time on the page. Moreover, to create a connection between the split screen contents, designers duplicate a distinct color (a brand color with a lot of contrast) or layer a single element (text) across both screens.

Some great things about split screen designs are:

  • Works with the responsive format beautifully. The user gets double content on desktop and stacked content on mobile screens.
  • Excellent solution to show both a visual (image) and associate it with text (words) for more than one product.
  • Draws user’s attention to a specific part of the screen and encourage them to choose a path and click.
  • Creates a visual that stands out from so many full-screen hero images or differentiate between types of content on a website.

Split screen Design Trend enables the designer to emphasize the availability of two or more different paths/options with significant visual weight but minimal clutter for the visitor. This will lead to better conversion rates for you as users will stay longer on the site when it offers great user experience and easy navigation.


How to create a split screen design?

Here is a pen I created on Codepen to demonstrate how to code a simple and responsive split screen design for your landing page. I’ve used Bootstrap framework to help with styling.

To understand the responsive behaviour of the design, try to minimize your browser window to see how it looks on tablets and mobile screens.

Want to get some inspiration about Split Screen design trend?

Check out those amazing designs for split screen trend on dribble.com. Moreover, if you have any question about this article, feel free to contact me & I’ll do my best to help you.

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