What is video background trend all about?

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I have seen many websites displaying a video as a background for their landing page, but never knew if it will have a good impact on website visitors or will turn them away.

After doing some research, I came up to a conclusion that Video Background has become an essential trend in Web Design. If the video is relevant and highlights the business by showing for example real people using a certain brand or how a product can solve some problems, using video backgrounds properly can help capture the attention of your site’s visitors more than having just a static background image.

But what I really like is that a video background can offer you conversion. Your website visitors are more likely to spend more time on your site, sign up or opt-in to the services and products you are offering. It also  gives your potential clients a chance to get to know you before even talking to you.

So if you are thinking of modernizing your site in 2021, consider using a video background.

Would adding a Video Background to your landing page affect the site speed?

Any Video or media added to the site will increase the site loading time to a certain extent. The key to improving website loading speed when using a video background is to keep the video short and the video file size small, by limiting the video to 5 -10 seconds long, and the video file size to 6MB or less. We can loop the video continuously to give the impression that the video is longer than it really is. This provides faster loading speed, better site performance and user experience.

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Video background example – video by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Some tips that can help you when adding a video background to your website

  • A static cover image could be set as a fallback for mobile screens in case the video is not loading.

  • Using the video without audio auto-play or video controls is a great way to increase user engagement to the site.

  • Using a color overlay for the video decreases the intensity of the video background and makes the text content on top more readable.

  • Using the company's brand colors in the text overlay  helps reinforce the brand and the message it is trying to communicate.

Want to learn  how to add a video background to your landing page?

Check out some great tutorials at w3schools.com

Get some design inspirations on dribble.com. Moreover, if you have any question about this article, feel free to contact me & I’ll do my best to help you. 

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